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   Visiting The Minister

I'm Jack Anthony Puccinni
2114 W Apache Trail ste.1 #119
Apache Junction, AZ 85120
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Well Hello!
I'm Jack Anthony Puccinni Missionary/Evangelist; I was raised
as a child (under a different name), in The Roman Catholic Faith,
in Gloversville, New York (up-state), where I was born, 
In The U.S.A.. 
However, I was Saved by Jesus in 1982,
when I was living in California;
I was Chosen (Ordained) by Jesus in 1982;
(Book of John 15:16; Mark 24:49);
7 years later 1989, again in California;
being Water Baptized by immersion and Baptized in
the Holy Spirit,
making me Born Again, and ready for Heaven,
according to The Holy Scriptures.
The Lord has sworn And will not relent, “You are a priest forever According to the order of Melchizedek.”


     I am a Full Gospel Charismatic Christian Believer,

A Disciple of Christ,
and A Missionary/Evangelist, 

with Miracles Following My Prayerful Efforts For Jesus, Since 1982.

I was raised a Roman Catholic, Jesus was there watching over me even though
I didn’t realize it.

In mid-year 1982, at the age of 32,
I searched to fill emptiness I felt inside of me. It was a search that ended when I, by faith,
asked for forgiveness, and received Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior.

     I was in my living room, it was 1982 summer, in Santa Monica California, watching TV,
when switching channels I stopped it on a man preaching and crying, I thought,
what is wrong, why is that man crying? Jimmy Swaggart.

Then changing channels again, using the remote and tossing it onto the coffee table,
it jumped to the next station and another man preaching; Dwight Thompson.

I tried to change the channel but the remote wouldn’t work; a couple of minutes passed and I heard,
in the spirit, a voice say “That’s enough”, so I put the business magazine down to pay closer attention
to the tv; then I heard ”I’m going to do something with your life”, while I was lifted off the couch and
put on my knees; I heard, in the spirit, a deep voice say “you don’t believe”, I began to cry,
I cried out “I do believe, I do believe, I do believe”; then the man on TV said to pray
a prayer with him, and I did.

Then I said Lord, the emptiness isn’t gone, the man on TV said to tell a stranger what I did or to call
in and tell the prayer counselor what I did. So, I ran out the door to the phone booth, my phone was disconnected, and the line was busy for three days, finally back at the phone booth, I got through;
the prayer partner said that it was good to hear what I did, but that we should pray again. I said why?
Didn’t it work? So, we prayed the prayer; she asked if I felt anything, I said no but I wanted to, she
said let's pray again, she asked if I felt anything, I said no, she said “I have another call, but you
need to pray
again by calling back." I said “Wait, please pray one more time with me, I need to feel something”, we prayed, and it happened, Jesus broke the chains off me and set me free and filled
me with peace and joy, removing the emptiness, in so that both me and the prayer partner shouted
for joy. It was like 10,000 pounds came off me, and like super natural energy flooded into me
from above. Jesus set me Free and I am Free indeed according to John 8:36.

The first few days of being set free in Christ, I was visited by Angels from Heaven, Job 10:12,
we talked about my being used by Jesus.

A few weeks later, I was healed and delivered from addiction to prescription anti-depression
medication, 2Tim.1:7, because I asked Jesus. God is no respecter of persons, Acts10:34.
Jesus saved and sanctified me according to John3:16,17.

I was washed and covered by the Blood Of Jesus, Revelation 1:5, and Baptized in the Holy Spirit
and Fire, Mathew 3:11, made an Ambassador in Christ Jesus according to 2Corinthians 5:20
and Jesus ordained me in 1982 according to John 15:16. Jesus uses me through the Power Of
The Holy Spirit, touching through me, so he can heal the sick, set the captives Free,
and as only Jesus can, save the lost.

     In 1982, I went and asked an Assembly of God pastor if I should be Water Baptized, and he said
that since I was Baptized as a baby in the Roman Catholic Church that it wasn’t necessary. Well,
in 1989, Jesus spoke directing me through the Holy Spirit, to be baptized, I got Water Baptized
by immersion, in the Pacific Ocean and came up out of the water filled with happiness and joy
speaking in a Heavenly language that flowed out of me like a river.

Therefore, being obedient to God’s Word is much better than trying to figure it out. The Holy Spirit dwells within me, Acts 2:4, the process completing me in Christ Jesus.

Follow Jesus in Water Baptism as an adult. Mark 10:39, Romans 6:3,4,5, Acts 8:12,37.


Jesus said that we must be Born Again
To Enter Into The Kingdom Of Heaven.
Do You Know How To Get There? Let me tell you.
To Be Born Again,
Requires You To Repent Of Your Sins,
And To Believe In Jesus, In Your Heart; Ask Jesus To Forgive You,
Of Your Sins; Ask Jesus To Apply His Blood And Wash Away Your Sins;
Ask Jesus To Come Into Your Heart, And Be Your Lord And Savior; Confess
Your Belief In Jesus Publicly, By Telling Strangers; To Be Water Baptized As An Adult;
To Be Baptized In The Spirit with evidence of a Heavenly Language
that only The Father and your Spirit understands;
To Partake In The Body And Blood Of Jesus; To Worship God In Spirit And Truth.
If you need to reach me:

Missionary Evangelist Jack Anthony Puccinni

To communicate with the Minister; just
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the email comes right to me.
To Help Jesus; put me in your will; help finance Evangelism even
after you leave this earth.

Written, prepared by Missionary Evangelist 
Jack Anthony Puccinni,
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