Crucified means that he is dead; its over; nothing more to happen. That is false doctrine to preach Christ crucified.
Jesus said that his Father in Heaven gave him the power to take up his life again; this means that the promise of eternal life was greater.
Jesus agonized about going to the cross; he asked his Father in Heaven, thru prayer, that if it was possible, to do it a different way, to let the cup pass from him, but Jesus could not get things changed, and had to endure the cross, to get to the Resurrection and New Life.
New Life is the key here; not crucified death.
The Resurrection of Christ was a magnificent phenomenon that even today man finds themselves to be amazed.
Think about it; A man that has the power to raise up himself from the dead is far greater than a man who simply gets crucified dead; so get real; preach it right.
The resurrection was a plan from the Heavens; for an Angel sent by God, came down to the earth and rolled the huge stone away from the entrance to the tomb where Jesus had been laid down after he was taken off the cross; and the earth shook, in a great earthquake; a mighty earthquake, that shook everyone everywhere, when Jesus raised himself up from the dead.
 This is an act of greatness; powerful; mighty power; that man cannot comprehend.

Prepared and written by Minister Jack Anthony Puccinni of the U.S.A.
Jesus Of Nazareth Online Church

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